Joe Rogan CLAIMS UFC champ Alex Pereira is CHEATING, Alex...

TheBestofMMA: Joe Rogan CLAIMS UFC champ Alex Pereira is CHEATING, Alex Pereira addresses Adesanya, Jorge Masvidal

From: TheBestofMMA

Joe Rogan believes Alex Pereira (UFC champ) is cheating, explains at The Joe Rogan Experience talking on UFC 281 Adesanya vs Pereira bout, Jorge Masvidal responds to Gilbert Burns calling him out, and confirms UFC management, that he was wants to face him at UFC London Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman event, Alex Pereira warns Adesnaya on post UFC 281 comments, UFC News Today, MMA Updates and much more!

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Source: Joe Rogan CLAIMS UFC champ Alex Pereira is CHEATING, Alex Pereira addresses Adesanya, Jorge Masvidal

43 thoughts on “TheBestofMMA: Joe Rogan CLAIMS UFC champ Alex Pereira is CHEATING, Alex Pereira addresses Adesanya, Jorge Masvidal

  1. Joe Rogan is a bald biased funny person with a podcast. He's just sticking up for Dizzy because he was on his show. Was it cheating when he knocked him out and beat him before? No…

  2. He needs to learn how to speak English. Worst champion who no one cares about. At least Izzy could sell a fight. This guy boring as hell…

  3. You all talking like a 30lbs weight advantage is not a significant thing for pro-fighters, weigh-in should happen like an hour before the fight happens.

  4. Weird hahaha I thought Rohan loved Alex’s balls, hyped him up sends people to orbit,best kickboxer, guys huge, that left hook sends people to outta space, I was thinking they should make joe Alex’s next promoter

  5. So Izzy can win 21 fights with a height and reach advantage but as soon as a lengthier, taller opponent steps up it's "weight bullying" and "legal cheating"

  6. No 1 was complaining when he fought Yoel Romero & Paulo Costa who weight about the same of not more than alex. At the end of the day if you can make the weight, it's legal. There is a give and take with it and cutting too much can be detrimental to a fighters career. That's why most ppl who move up tend to do better. ( most ppl )

  7. Like Stevo brought up the other day, how cool would it be to see scales at the cage entry! 😀 and live odds!! 😃

  8. If you wanna pursue biological strength, then you shouldn't cut weight. Just fight bigger opponents, ignoring weght division. However, if fame, money, and popularity are your priority, then you should cut weight to be physically advantageous.
    We can't blame which way fighters choose because the purpose of professionally fighting is various among them. Just give them credit for offering us great entertainments!

  9. He says that, but when it comes to Jon Jones, who’s been injecting, steroids, and fighting, mostly smaller fighters his whole career, he’s all on his nuts, making excuses for him.

  10. Is Alex calling out Izzy again? Well I think is another opportunity to freeze him up like Elsa after putting AP on skate in round one

  11. Not cheating rogan
    Regulated weight made a😅nd agreed upon, contract signed.
    And if dude added 50/100 pounds on fight night he can, unless there’s a regulated rule on the amount of weight allowed after weigh in contract is completed . And that is not the case, but it could be added in a contract. If Israel had won this topic would have never existed and the topic would be “ how great of a fighter he is”
    Which he is in my opinion.
    There’s a plus to this lost…This stink about Periera weight has made Israel even a better marketable fighter.

  12. Cheating for making weight? DC and the towel scandal is cheating, but it was never addressed! Izzy GOT finished, and Alex would finish him again if there is ever a rematch!

  13. It’s simple. Joe has a soft spot for Izzy, because of the support he received during the whole n-word fiasco. It’s so evident haha

  14. That is a disgusting thing for Joe Rogan to say about Alex Pereira. It makes it SOUND like he is doing something illegal and that ain't right.

  15. I'm not trying to see izzy cringe Sanya ever fight again in the UFC jist retire and take ur casual fans with you🙌🏽

  16. Go smoke another one Joe. “Sanctioned cheating.” Oxymoron.

    Joe rogan has never cut weight or competed in mma but wants to change the rules.

    It’s never an issue when the guys you like are going it and winning but now Izzy get’s beat for the third time by Alex and it is. Izzy isn’t exactly small for his weight class either.

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