When Cheaters Get Karma(Dev Wiped) In ARK

Vindactur: When Cheaters Get Karma(Dev Wiped) In ARK

From: Vindactur

Today we return to the arkpocalypse servers of ark and the cheating tribes finally get some justice.
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Source: When Cheaters Get Karma(Dev Wiped) In ARK

32 thoughts on “Vindactur: When Cheaters Get Karma(Dev Wiped) In ARK

  1. Complaining about cheaters and building outside the mesh. When he pretty much did the same thing. Half of his base is messed through the wall.

  2. Hi I loved this video it gives me inspiration to play ark again offical even tho there is cheaters let them cheat you’ll always be good 👍 🎉 also please can you tell me the cords of this base spot or the location thank you

  3. The cheating, hacking and duping in Ark PVP is so out of hand it has changed how the game has to be played and how the game is experienced!! The dirty devs should follow all cheater, hacker and duper reports and not only those from a special few after they used a rigged system to delete our reports, evidence and tickets!! People from the community could volunteer to be admins to deal with cheaters, hackers and dupers but would that take from the profits the dirty 'pocket devs' take in bribes (sometimes thousands to keep alpha or mega tribes right where they are)?? Remember a few months ago the cheaters & hackers were getting GM Accounts and many servers were rolled back?? Well the question I have always had is why where there GM Accounts in those mega tribes to begin with unless they were the dirty 'pocket devs' on the take?? Of course the servers needed to be rolled back.. 1) to undo the damage the GM Accounts did and 2) to erase the fact those GM Accounts were there to begin with!!

  4. Sorry bro u should post a different game u probably would make a good sniper in a game or in air soft try it ark is dead 🕊

  5. Yo vin use the shadowmains alt by holding down right click I think on PC. It does so much dmg you could have killed that squid

  6. Vin do you really got a response that fast from devs and you know exactly when that guy gone get dev wiped? Idk but it looks sus AF

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