Watch out for this scam application for an ETA to Canada.
It should cost $10 so I went onto one of the first sites that seem legit, filled in the gaps and sent the form paying my $10nz.
Three days later two lots of $123 have been stolen from my account. I Cancelled the card and replied to this out – fit. They said I’m now paying $123 a month for their exclusive member service if I need to book trips or accommodation. Said nah, I’m all good and my dads a travel agent so just return my money as I do not want or need this. Answer was no.
I finally got access to this exclusive content page I have access to from my stolen
Money. (Craig was useless getting my log in sorted by the way and he calls himself customer service) There are 3 options of searching for flights, accomodation, or events. You can get this all free in the net yourself.
I’ve been giving Craig and Margaret grief since. Allegedly they are in Australia but I doubt this as I said to Craig that he must be a big David Warner and Steve Smith fan as they cheat too. (crickets).
I’ve asked them to score me Nickelback tickets, I want to see a grizzly bear catch a salmon mid air on a water fall. Still nothing. I’ve let these THIEVES know they’re cowards and reported them through to NETSAFe, NZ police and the asb bank so hopefully we can close their site before more chumps like me get fooled!

Watch out for :

Source:Watch out for this scam

Discovered on: 2023-01-30 11:31:24

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