Fayetteville Arrest: Sgt. Kempf body camera: Dunlap tells...

WRAL: Fayetteville Arrest: Sgt. Kempf body camera: Dunlap tells her side of the story (warning: language)

From: WRAL

An exasperated Ja’Lana Dunlap tells Sgt. Kempf that her ordeal was unnecessary. He tells her how to file a complaint.
Full story: https://www.wral.com/body-camera-video-shows-officers-grab-cuff-woman-as-she-screams-for-help/20549742/

“I need somebody to call my mom,” she says.

The officers drag Dunlap, still handcuffed, back to her feet and Sgt. Chris Kempf wipes her face.

“We had a guy run from us right over here, and it’s just very suspicious that you’re pulling up here. Your heart’s about to beat outta your chest,” Kempf tells Dunlap. “Right now, you’re not in any trouble.”

“So why am I handcuffed?” she replies.

“We’re gonna do our thing, and then we’re probably gonna cut you loose,” he says.

That is eventually what happened. Dunlap was not charged with a crime, and officers released her from the handcuffs and let her drive away.

“All of that was unnecessary,” Dunlap tells Kempf.

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Source: Fayetteville Arrest: Sgt. Kempf body camera: Dunlap tells her side of the story (warning: language)

35 thoughts on “WRAL: Fayetteville Arrest: Sgt. Kempf body camera: Dunlap tells her side of the story (warning: language)

  1. She need to go get an attorney dnt file nothing with him he trying to act like he for her but he's going to cover this shit up he just want to know what she plan on doing so he can have a jump on trying to cover up what that bitch cop he tltrying to act like he's her friend lady dnt go meet with him his is white and a damn lie

  2. Bell needs to be arrested for assault and Ms Dumlap need to sue the crap out of her an the other cops standing there.

  3. Talk to my lawyer. Don't meet with any of those pigs without a lawyer present.
    They already said they are trying to C.Y.A. cover their asses.

  4. With these POS's wantonly targeting citizens for their unnecessary violence Americans are safer without these POS's violent fascists that seem to hate America, the American Constitution, citizens rights and are constantly breaking the rule of law.
    We are tired of hearing the BS copsplaining rationalizing unnecessary violence against American citizens. Just STFU with your BS excuses after you brutalize citizens, unnecessarily. When you constantly fail at your duties and instead behave only as government enforcers looking to collect revenue while turning a blind eye to investigations of real crimes. Investigating real crimes (I.e rape) doesn't seem to pay for the militarization of the "good ol boy" thuggery of adolescent bullies terrorizing the weak and vulnerable that they target….. We the people are tired of paying billions of dollars across America because of law enforcement officers failure at their jobs and lack of knowledge about citizens rights and the very laws you take an oath to uphold.
    F,,,..k the worthless police

  5. After they took off the cuffs they still had her detained copsplaining why they beat up an innocent young lady they all need to be fired and charged with assault


  7. This male officer is how things should be. How he handled it was what I would want my child to go through. Kind and courteous.

  8. You know how many people have never been in handcuffs or arrested that were wrecking havoc in the riots? Because she looks like one of them and when that potty mouth of hers I ain't trying to hear it!

  9. Goodbye detective Bell you're f*** at this point this lady is going to be a millionaire with no problem look at all those dirty fat pigs man they couldn't Chase nobody down f*** Fayetteville Police Department in the f**** horse they rode in on

  10. Those cops knew they screwed up. They're good at victim shaming. More power to her. Hope she gets a million dollars.

  11. Wtf?! Just because she's black doesn't mean she's guilty! Sue them & lock that bitch cop up! Disgusting & deplorable behaviour!!

  12. Not only should she sue all the officers involved but also her Employer for firing her for nothing She was the victim all the way around you know the cops intimidated her boss this is why he fired her. She should get Millions. Her employer sent her their then didn't back her with this stuff.

  13. Its a shame that this keeps happening are our country, whats it going to take for these gangs of violent badge wearing terrorist to learn how to do there jobs right, iv said it before its only a matter of time before they attack the wrong person one the wrong day.

  14. The moment she asked for her name and badge number they fucking walked away. INSTANTLY shows who's side their on and its not the public's.

  15. When I first glanced at the title, I thought it said Sgt Kempf's body camera was arrested. I just got back from a week at the beach, do not judge me. I understand her being angry but I cannot past proper judgement (which I love to do) until I know both sides.

  16. This poor girl I can’t even imagine going tru something like this hunny get a lawyer and sew them all unbelievable how they can just do this

  17. I was in Fort Bragg Just outside Fayetteville in 68 white people called black people the N word as if it was perfectly normal

  18. earning the hate, one victim at a time. One more fine example of why citizens are less trusting of cops these days.
    It should require more than 6 months of training to be a cop in the US & that woman cop needs to be fired & charged.

  19. Fuck these asshole cops they are going pay dearly. Everyone of the sorry ass cops need to lose qualified immunity the Sargent is try to do damage control.

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