19 juveniles, 1 adult arrested after hundreds involved in...

WSB-TV: 19 juveniles, 1 adult arrested after hundreds involved in mall brawl, police say | WSB-TV

From: WSB-TV

Hundreds of people involved in a massive fight at a metro Atlanta mall on Labor Day weekend have landed 20 people, most of whom are teenagers, behind bars. Read the full story at https://bit.ly/3RYlewY

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Source: 19 juveniles, 1 adult arrested after hundreds involved in mall brawl, police say | WSB-TV

38 thoughts on “WSB-TV: 19 juveniles, 1 adult arrested after hundreds involved in mall brawl, police say | WSB-TV

  1. Let's get rid of all of them. Lock they butt up. Let's see if we can send them back to the State that they came from. Frfr

  2. This is a copy and paste because it's true. Metro Atlanta never used to be like this. I miss the old Atlanta. I believe that this is because of the influx of people from Louisiana; Mississippi;, New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, California, New Jersey, Haiti, Jamaica, and Philadelphia. No one can "paint with a broad brush", but true Southerners are raised with manners and know how to act. Either move to Atlanta and assimilate, or stay where you are. Don't take the "chaos" and "foolishness" that you say you are leaving with you.

    (Yes, I went there because it had to be said.)#@Carlton Brown

  3. Farmer's Trellis Netting will make burglars/looters/vandals trip and tangle up their feet. 🕸Material: Extruded Polypropylene Mesh Size: 6" X 6" cut into two-foot squares that scroll-up, so you can't kick them out of the way, can't see them attach to your leg. Make some today!
    Protect your mall with "The T-shirt Launcher" (CO2 propellant) to launch wads of Trellis Netting into crowds to stop raging gangs of vandals and looters as they try to run away.

  4. Ancestors came here in chains to the Americas(British Colony) and they are still looking to be bound by those chains 500 years later. Something is wrong with you people. Pull up your pants. Look in the mirror.

  5. Lock all the so called "parents" up too. Start holding them accountable when thier juvenile children are involved in criminal activity. Stop thier welfare and child support checks… Thier SSI and any other citizen tax funded program. Kick them out if thier section 8 housing etc. We pay them to raise monsters that they turn loose on the public while they get high and run the streets and make more babies.. It's time we get people in office that will put a stop to this ASAP.

  6. Holy crap!
    A news that got the terminology correct.
    The correct term of juveniles as opposed to the constant incorrect calling them minors.
    The correct term of the charge of battery versus saying assault, and while they are related they are two different things entirely.
    I’m really happy that the local law-enforcement and the people are stepping up to the plate and trying to put an end to this stupidity.
    We have had enough.

  7. People are still on tik ⏰ — cause ya know… ‘’’our time is short’’’’ ⏰👀
    Boy is that dumb & risky. It’s known ch — in— ese in — tel stealing your phone info to take over America. Wake the heck up people! Social media is the decline of our society. How can you not see that?

  8. Add mall to no go zone list along with: 7/11, sidewalks, public transit, McDonalds, weed or liquor stores or the niigers will victimize you.

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