Undercover Boss Pays Employee to Stay HOME for 6 Months

Dabl: Undercover Boss Pays Employee to Stay HOME for 6 Months

From: Dabl

The Undercover Boss of Great Wolf Resorts learns that her employee’s daughter passed away, and rewards her with 6 months worth of pay to stay home with her new baby.

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Source: Undercover Boss Pays Employee to Stay HOME for 6 Months

27 thoughts on “Dabl: Undercover Boss Pays Employee to Stay HOME for 6 Months

  1. This shows the trainer faults. She should be there at least a couple feet observing and after ask the extra missed mods such as cheese and well done. Repititon of this and it comes natural. Happy days

  2. Is that MARYLAND??????????????

  3. I can't believe that their tips are their wages it's so wrong. They should be paid a wage like here in the UK 😢

  4. 🙁 my heart feels for her i lost my 16 year old sister due to a guy blacking out on Viagra and he hit her with his car and she died instantly losing someone unexpected and so young it one of the worst things ever and seeing my step mom literally going crazy hurts me so badly this women has an amazing mindset and i wish her the best of everything

  5. Great gesture from the Boss! Only mother can understand another mother who has to live her newborn behind and work for money! Americans laws must be changed to protect mother and babies at least to have a full year off work for a newborns.

  6. If only 😢. My boss asked me to come back a week early. This is so good for her. Six months with her baby ❤.

  7. This is such a disingenuous offer in exchange for turning her into a billboard for the company. Great, now she gets an unlivable wage from the comfort of her home WITHOUT the possibility of the tips that give her a chance to stay afloat. That $9/hr is not going to give her the freedom spend time with family.
    Maybe if her employees were compensated fairly and didn't have to rely on tips, this woman and every other server could still work and have time for family without having to work doubles out of necessity.

  8. Wow, I love great wolf lodge. I will never win. The first one came to Pennsylvania. She deserves it. Good mom

  9. Poor woman working second shift…it would have been nice if she got a raise so she didn't have to work a second shift to make ends meet.

  10. It absolutely KILLS us when we hear about all of your stories, so we understand that we don’t know your pain like you do but a lot of us are here for you all regardless. ❤️

  11. Omg… is NOBODY asking the obvious here??? The lady HAS to work a double to get by!!!! Why is this shyatty company NOT paying employees decently? More so, WTF does 6 months of "no second shift" do? Nada. Great Wolf Lodge please pay your employees better!

  12. 😂😂😂 here in Latinamerica you have to work extra hours without pay… basically work for free or lose your job

  13. Plot twist. Every country in europe pays the mum to stay at home for a year! Imagine that! We also dont rely on tips either. We get paid a minimum wage. Legally. The only companies the dont pay minimum wage are american companies. Greatest country in the world, right?

  14. you deserve to see your kid grow up. so here is 6 months free of your second shift. in wich you can now no longer earn tips… luckily a servers salary in the usa is plenty right? also…. a kid does not grow up in 6months….

    the amount of brand exposure thanks to this show is humonguous.
    they could have done better then 6 months of crappy server salary!

  15. God bless you, you are amazingly among one of the greatest bosses I have heard of so far. Continue to notice hard workers, they are the pillars of your company ❤️

  16. On the flip page Mark Z. has brought the Meta layoffs to 20,000. Fuck the big corporations that don't give a shit about people.

  17. I really liked this boss…sometimes it’s obvious that they are faking the emotion just to make it look good. This lady was genuinely moved. She was unable to keep back the tears. Bless her genuine concern and desire to help this much deserving waitress.

  18. When you lose a child….can't nothing else in life can shock you or hurt you worse🙏🏽..she's so deserving…God bless this boss….she really is a BOSS 🙌🏽

  19. It’s just odd that these bosses so this, it’s kind of like a lottery. All your employees have these problems and you just can’t give all of them 6 months off.

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