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DarkFluff: r/MaliciousCompliance – Karen Boss Accuses Me of FAKING My Injury! ATTACKS Me For PROOF.

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r/maliciouscompliance – OP works at a store where she sustained a slight injury to her knee. She gets a new boss, an entitled Karen, who demands OP to do strenuous work, and believes OP’s injury is fake. When OP says its not fake, the entitled Karen attacks! Subscribe for future stories.

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One of my favorite Entitled people stories! [Karen PRETENDS to Be the Owner’s WIFE! Tries to Fire Me!] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVWDnrflaZY

Stories in this episode of malicious compliance:

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Story 1 (Submitted by Tyson.D)
3:18 – Story 2 (u/ineedatinylama)
5:31 – Story 3 (u/HonorVirus)
11:21 – Story 4 (u/3-2-1-backup)
16:29 – Story 5 (u/hatesfacebook2022)
18:50 – Story 6 (u/Garpttsr)

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Source: r/MaliciousCompliance – Karen Boss Accuses Me of FAKING My Injury! ATTACKS Me For PROOF.

44 thoughts on “DarkFluff: r/MaliciousCompliance – Karen Boss Accuses Me of FAKING My Injury! ATTACKS Me For PROOF.

  1. "Blue car? Nah, I drive a green one I'm sure." And then don't tell her that you are color blind

  2. #2 is so satisfactory. Don't ever threaten your employee with firing, they might just agree to it and just up and go. Leaving you in a deeper hole.

  3. #1 was Malicious Compliance that can dangerously devolve into a Legal Issue. Both OP and the cook knowingly fish out food from the garbage can.

  4. As annoying as a karen can be when demanding service after hours, if you're committing crimes against someone to get back at them because they're annoying instead of saying "Sorry, we're closed." one last time before ignoring the person… you're the bigger piece of shit.

  5. Post 1: I don't care if OP was younger, he doesn't seem sorry at all. That's too far. And some people do not pay attention when they dig in

    That said, this is ALSO one of the reasons you do NOT fuck with food employees. Just because OP (more the chef) went too far doesn't mean the Karen didn't also have it coming. You should be respectful because it's not hard, but even failing that, you should be respectful precisely because you do not know what they might do to your food

  6. Ha, last one. Yeah, and when she complains when OP comes out to get in the car, they can say, blue? no, this is azure.

  7. STORY #4 OK can't repair cars in my driveway OK no problem park that joker on the side of the road in front of my house

  8. The last story reminds me of the time I had to deal with a Karen of a truck driver. He was parked sideways across 8 or so parking spots in front of a few businesses, with more than a full space in front of his truck, as well as behind it. (Not a semi, but one of the bigger box trucks.) The man got out of his truck and came over to my window and rudely said, "Really asshole? You can't see I'm parked here?" And I replied, "yeah, and you have way more than enough room to get out. If I had parked in the next space over, you wouldn't be able to get out, but unlike you, im not an ass." The guy just looked at me defeated, stomped back to his truck, and without having to back up, pulled out, and drove away. As I was sitting there waiting for my friend to get her lunch, the spots started filling up again like normal.

  9. The karen from the fast food story just makes me think of "Waiting…" with Ryan Renolds and one scene in particular, those who have seen it know

  10. That’s nothing my mom bought a coop in ny in 68 and I inherited it in 2007 when she passed and because I had not lived in it all my 31 years they took 40% of the sale price!!!!!! 40% all the other sections of coops were 4% or 6% but they took almost half and my mom was trying to fix it b4 she passed and one person actually told me that my mom didn’t like me Bc another owner died and their kids weren’t charged the same and their mom loved them what assholes I wish nothing but misery on them

  11. Story 1: I worked at McD's & closed at 10:30PM. I had a Karen at the drive thru at almost 11 demanding food or she would wait. I told her we open at 5AM for breakfast…see you then.
    Story 3: Personally I would have called the police just after the paramedics to file Assault & Battery against her. Later she could be civilly sued for the intentional injury to the knee area.
    Story 4: The mom should have countered with "You fined me repeatedly for something that is NOT in the bylaws so I am fining you the same amount you fined me…plus 1 dollar."
    Story 6: what would have been even funnier is if when Karen picked up his flowers OP would have told the CSA's to call the police because she just stole his property 🙂

  12. The first story only goes too far if Karen was stupid enough to actually eat it. Any half-reasonable person wouldn't dare bite into a soggy bun to begin with, so I'm inclined to believe she didn't eat it. That, and the fact she didn't try to sue the Burger King tells me she at least didn't get sick from it, unless a lawyer talked her off the ledge because she knew they were closed, so what did she expect they'd give her?

  13. Story 1. Never be rude to food service! I was a teen once too and we messed with food to rude people.

  14. Definitely don't piss off a cook! My 1st husband was a cook and the stories of malicious compliance he told me would horrify most people. There was the spitting up huge wads of phlegm into the food, to throwing a steak on the ground and stomping on it with their filthy work boots…and then serving that to problem customers. It seems there are many cooks out there who feel justified to take their rage out on others, from kitchen staff to customers. IDK why they get like that, or if that kind of temperment is what it takes to be a cook/chef, but I can tell you that eating food cooked by someone like that is like eating poison…even when the food is not a malicious compliance product.

  15. Story 6) I would have insisted to the clerks at the UPS store to do the other customers that were ahead of me first cause I'd feel terrible if they skipped them just to help me.

  16. The first story the people of Reddit should not have been blasting the OP for the sandwich coming out of the trash, it was the cook that did that not the OP.

  17. For the HOA story I think you could probably tell, from which angle the photos were taken from, who the snitch was.

  18. And a very good rule to live by that I've been telling people for years and years, never piss off the people that handle your food….

  19. I'm the person that parks obnoxiously close to the assholes that park in more than one spot… My car has three cameras in it. If anything happens to it, there's video…

  20. Story 1: It is but a wise thing to never piss the people who handles your food off, unless you want to be poisoned or at least eat bad food.

    Story 3: Karen arguing that OP is faking his injury = SHE IS ALREADY PANICKING.

  21. Last story I'd make comments about Karen failing kindergarden and never learning staying in lines.

  22. Story 1: I would have just called the police if she refused to leave. I worked in fast food many many years ago and I’m pretty sure this happened more than once after closing.

  23. Last story

    i just wanna know what that lady did in the UPS store to have the employees react like that

  24. Story 1 hurts me so much. Where I work, we open and close right on the dot and don't take anymore customers (exceptions being extreme cases). If you're 1 minute late? It sucks, but too bad

  25. I had a similar exp as the last story. Went to the grocery which is in a strip mall, woman took up 2 spaces (1 being handicapped). So I squeezed into the rest of the handicap space and did my shopping. I wasn't even through the door yet when she starts yelling I have to move so she can get in her car. I told her where to go and she didn't like it so she went and got the store manager to force me to move. Since it's a shared parking lot, he couldn't make me do anything. Bad part for her, there was a Dick's Sporting Goods and a Chipoltle there too, and you all know men and sports equipment shopping 🙂 I even gave her the chance to get out then if she truly apologized to me but that was beneath her so off I went

  26. Karen boss did NOT pay the ultimate price. A baseball bat should have been used on HER knee.

  27. Story 1: Never f*ck with people who handle your food. She got what she deserved. If she was stupid enough to eat it, that's her problem.

  28. 9:46 hurt the knee.. to prove it isn't hurt!? You can't fix that kind of stupid. Workplace Darwinism at its best

  29. Story 1 : I would have answered "You won't leave until you get your food? Be my guest, restaurant opens at 8AM, have a nice evening"

  30. Just so you know: "ultimate" means strictly last or final without limitation of time and is does not imply something dire or strong. For example, . The ultimate price is the last price you will ever pay, and usually refers to death, either from sacrifice or punishment. Not unemployment for life or loss of kids.
    Penultimate, is the one just before the ultimate.

  31. I don’t believe that first story to be true. Mostly cuz there’s no way that woman wouldn’t come back the next day with the food, screaming about the quality and demanding a refund or free food lol.

  32. On the last one he shouldn't have blocked her in, cause maybe she was old and needed the room for a walker or a wheelchair? Cause I use a wheelchair and couldn't find a handicap spot so I parked like tha and I had to wait 1 and 1/2 hours for the drive to show up, so I could leave!

  33. Our new landlord and hoa rule is that cars can't be parked in our driveway without moving for more than 3 days. And they know we take 2 week vacations so now I literly have a buddy move my car every few days and take photo evidence.
    And as for parking I've had petty ppl try to put a cart behind my car instead of putting it in the coral. So I'd go put it back when they aren't paying attention then drive off. Some have smacked the carts before others have tried to call police on me. Goes no where cause of the walmsrt we were at. XD

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