UPDATE on my Ex Wife's new Boyfriend

Hiding In My Room: UPDATE on my Ex Wife's new Boyfriend

47 thoughts on “Hiding In My Room: UPDATE on my Ex Wife's new Boyfriend

  1. Wait Daniel flogging a dead horse? So unexpected. Daniels toxic faniels upset ChiChi enough for her to delete her Socials. Absolute scum, just like your Bottom G daddy Daniel.

  2. the gaijins pretty much use chihiro for rough sex like the aussie and his rugby teamates. this japanese beta soyboy is just being used by chihiro to take her travelling but behind the scenes we all know chihiro is horny and gags for the foreign cock and cheats. its good that he finds out now knowing daniel did him a favour.

  3. Maybe in a different reality, daniel and chihiro never talked about each other again, blocked each other's social and had a healthy divorce. But this reality is the juicy one. Our main protagonist, Daniel, never let go and looked for threads to make a story fit his narrative. This new season is definitely spicy. 🔥 Can't wait for the arc where the new gf finds out he is still talking about the ex wife. 🍿

  4. This is just gonna reignite Chihiro's villain arc. She'll come for your ass when you go to Japan Daniel. Remember she has the SD card

  5. She probably just archived all her pics, so she can select which ones to delete then put them all up again. That or she’s so embarrassed you found her new bf 😂😂

  6. I like you, bro! But leave her alone, its over. She doesnt deserve it. This stalking stuff etc. You already have an new girlfriend!

  7. They are trying hard to do this so his sheep herd japanese audience don't realise he's not a solo traveller or a minimalist lol

  8. I heard her new boyfriend met her family the first week they started dating and they all loved the fact he was a youtuber.

  9. She dont make those videos bashing u cuz over u bro..bro this is not helping ur channel..its already DEAD..focus on making it better.. Obviously that Formula hasnt been working 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  10. I think you both need to leave each other alone. Chihiro needs to stop visiting the cities you are living in and watching your videos. I think that's effed up. Dan needs to let her go all together and stopping obsessing over her for views.

  11. Daniel's commitment to a sustainable society is incredible, considering how many times he keeps reusing the same content over and over again instead of wasting it

  12. Daniel you're going down a dangerous road. There's still time to take steps towards changing for the better. Look at how easy it is to get 60k+ views per video just from living in japan and acting normal and boring. If this guy can do it, so can you, but it's up to you to change

  13. Chihiro is the best thing to happen to Daniel and he must hate that a guy who is doing travel vlogs is getting more views than him , dating his ex wife who he obsessively stalks online. And who he believes looks like him and reminds him of a happier time when he was married and happy in Japan before he destroyed his Marriage for YouTube views.

  14. This has got to be killing Daniel that his ex wife who he is obsessed with deleted all social because of him. And he has no way to stalk or find out what she is doing in her life

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