My Friend Mentioned My Ex In Our Conversation & Is Marriage...

Lily Petals World 릴리가족: My Friend Mentioned My Ex In Our Conversation & Is Marriage Just a piece of paper?

From: Lily Petals World 릴리가족

Yeowon and I got together in Las Vegas after a long time! She lives in Las Vegas and we caught up on each other.

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Source: My Friend Mentioned My Ex In Our Conversation & Is Marriage Just a piece of paper?

23 thoughts on “Lily Petals World 릴리가족: My Friend Mentioned My Ex In Our Conversation & Is Marriage Just a piece of paper?

  1. Dating without marriage is like learning everything about medicine without a college degree. You can learn how to be a doctor on your own through self study, but no one would dare let you operate when you have no degree. That "paper" holds value.

  2. 몇번봤는데도 여원님 너무 재밌어서 계속 웃으면서봐요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 두분 자주 만나면 좋겠다는!!!

  3. It's good to see and hear of your peace and happiness you have gained again in your life with lover and friends, and I too like yourself believe in marriage and love and commitment ,It's a beautiful union

  4. 제임스는 당시에 그게 진심이었겠죠.. 슬프게도 사랑은 변하니까.. 아시안들은 애들 때문에 걍 참고 살지만

  5. To describe marriage as a legal document or a piece of paper misses the main point. Marriage in a Church is Blessed by God it is a spiritual commitment for life and is anointed by the Holy Spirit. It is not something you can throw away when you are bored or tired it is a lifetime commitment supported by the love the couple have for each other.

  6. Going about telling lies everywhere about James to your marriage-for-visa Korean friends. You only post what you want them to see on YouTube. Why don't you tell them what part you played towards your divorce.

  7. A marriage certificate is just a piece of paper just like a $100 bill is just a piece of paper. It's about what the paper represents. A marriage certificate is the only piece of paper that we can sign where everything we have becomes co-owned with another person and everything they own become ours. A prenuptial agreement and a divorce certificate are also just paper but they are very powerful.

  8. I came across this channel once again. I think Lilly still love James. You'll do everything that can outweigh your love for him. I see similar experience with James too. Only If James as man can come back. Sometimes men needs to fight for their wives even though it hurts mentally.

  9. 여원님 자주 나오세요 네일샵 방문 영상도 올려주시면 서로 대박날것같아요 윈윈♡♡♡

  10. Tell your friend to shut the f**k up. " Remember not the things of the past.. behold am doing great and new things in your life" says the Lord

  11. Hi Lilly I have been watching your channel for sooo many years and I love watching you and your kids grow. I almost feel like their auntie 😆
    I am Japanese German mixed and As somebody growing up bilingually and knowing many similar cases I can only say, kids do what their parents do. If you want your kids to speak more Korean then you have to show up like that first. Be a role model for them in Korean. Only speak to them in Korean even if they answer back in English , expose them to you speaking Korean with your Korean speaking friends, show them fun Korean TV shows and music. If the parents don’t show up as a role model, how can you expect your kids to be like that ?

  12. I hope cheese boy sees this video. Well I guess he wouldn't mind. You're all in the game together. Marriage for visa right? Well he's with you cos of free housing and free sex. At least he doesn't have to live in a trailer no more.

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