Dear Ex | Official Trailer [HD] Netflix

Netflix Asia: Dear Ex | Official Trailer [HD] Netflix

From: Netflix Asia

When Sanlian’s ex-husband dies, she learns he cut their son from his insurance in favor of a stranger, Jay. Mysteriously, her son moves in with him. Dear Ex premiers on Netflix 1 February

Source: Dear Ex | Official Trailer [HD] Netflix

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  1. I just finished this movie and it was SUCH a heartfelt story. I felt so much sadness for the mother. Cried when she asked the therapist the last question. If there was ever any love for her. I understand the need to be "normal" in society but it breaks both the parties involved in a marriage. The dad, who denied his own sexuality his whole life, tried to hide against the world by marrying a woman n using her as a shield. The son who really had no fucking clue about the emotional trauma both their parents went through n thus doesn't know where to place himself. The lover who got his heartbroken by the dad. The mother who was ultimately the most pitiful out of the three. My heart goes out for those spouses who are just caught up in the middle of a doomed relationship. It's such a pity that the society forces people to conform to the so called norms, ultimately denying their basic rights to live freely.

  2. I want to watch it but I feel like I'll get super mad by doing it. I'm not sure if he died and left nothing to his son who is just a teen and still needs support from his parents or if there is a twist.

  3. Most of the time, in these types of movie I hate some character but I don't hate anyone here.
    I'm not even mad, seems like human to me.

  4. This film is in my top 3 favourite films of all time. I love it so much, it's so good. It's quirky without losing the emotional grit, both sad and funny, edited beautifully, acted beautifully, directed beautifully – I loved everything about it.

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