MY EX LET ME SHOOT HIS M1 GARAND! Toyota 4WD Off-Road Camp &...

Overland Lady: MY EX LET ME SHOOT HIS M1 GARAND! Toyota 4WD Off-Road Camp & Shoot

From: Overland Lady

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Super annoyed seeing empty (and full!) shells around the ground. We can all enjoy shooting outdoors but please be respectful to the land.
My first time shooting an M1 Garand with a couple of old and new friends, in our Toyota Landcruiser, 4Runner, and Tacoma. Plus a Ram and a Jeep.

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0:00 intro
0:55 pick up your shells!
2:08 shooting varies firearms and different targets
5:14 Tuan’s new bumper from Big Country Custom
5:52 en route to camp
9:42 Gun maintenance / cleaning
12:46 what is Garand Thumb?
14:08 morning reflection

Source: MY EX LET ME SHOOT HIS M1 GARAND! Toyota 4WD Off-Road Camp & Shoot

42 thoughts on “Overland Lady: MY EX LET ME SHOOT HIS M1 GARAND! Toyota 4WD Off-Road Camp & Shoot

  1. Slight correction on the pronunciation of "Garand", it's pronounced "Gair-and" not "Ga-rand"

    Fun fact as well, John C. Garand was born in Canada.

  2. I used to pickup trash in the ocean when fishing off of my boat. I've picked up some really weird and also some really useful stuff.

    Life is all about change. Just go with the flow. You only have one crack at it.

  3. the m1 Garand is a ww2 usa used military rifle 30 06 round new m14 & ak 47 is russian rifle older molsin negant & Germany K 98 mauser 8 mm

  4. Once more a well presented video in the day of your camping life, I think you should write a book, when I listen to your narration it feels to me I'm listening to a page of your book, it helps to know other people also have the say feelings, and that is nice for you to share, thankyou you give me peace in my heart,

  5. Reason Monique is? Disrespect for the land, disrespect for the planet, disrespect for mankind… No respect for themselves.

  6. Don’t pretend like you picked up all the shells , there’s thousands there and u pick up a few for the camera so you can play the role of environmentalists Also the clay targets are Not biodegradable so you are Very Wrong about the clays as they do not break down in the environment. It’s really funny to see a person who knows nothing about off roading / guns pretend to be well versed in it for YouTube 🥴

  7. Don't leave your junk or your garbage in the woods. Good on you girl for picking up other peoples junk. Just goes to show how much integrity you have. That spells character. Which is a dern great thing to have, your momma did a great job of raising you. kudos to her. The Garand 1 was a good gun in war world 2, used by Americans.. Canadians used the Lee- Enfield.

  8. Good on you for cleaning up after others, but you should join a range for target practice. The Mission range, for example, is only $200 per year for a family membership. You can easily go through that in one day in ammo. you're also a part of a group that supports gun owners when you join.

  9. O yes this spring will bring shoulder operation and im off for 6 months. But at the fall all the wildernes will be mine. 🍻 cheers

  10. Great Video, so nice of a location. I enjoy your style. Once covid restrictions lift we definately will be coming that way. 😁

  11. My Wife and I always pick up our spent shells and those that others have left behind. My biggest hobbies are Hunting, Camping, Shooting, Off-Roading, and Costuming.

  12. Littering of any kind is the height of disrespect to everything and everyone in my opinion. Whether it be empty casings or trash on the streets. A person who litters likely has a good many other irresponsible behaviors.

  13. Excellent video and love gun content. You deserve so many more subs!! Beautiful scenery! Looking forward to more content like this.

  14. Oh and…….. The M1 rifle was named after its Canadian-American designer, John Garand. It was the first standard-issue semi-automatic military rifle.

  15. This is awesome! Great video! Yes we are so ready for the end of Covid and summer weather. We were just out exploring Squamish and it was quiet which was nice.

  16. Title 10 United States Code 311 section 2: Unorganized Militia

    Federalists papers 29 and 46: Militia

    2nd Amendment: 27 words

    United States Constitution article 1 section 8 Clause 15: Suppress insurrection, repel foreign invasion, execute the laws of this nation, call forth the militia.

    The Dict Act: Gun Control Forbidden.

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