iJustinobinwuru: @0nyekachiii @Iqs96 Modafoka, my fiancee is…

Modafoka, my fiancee is an Igbo goddess, my ex is AA, fuck your ignorance, if you can’t find correlation between what she did and how y’all bully WW married to Igbo men then soon you’re heading to psychological therapy. pic.twitter.com/Ma7aEqLjxL – ❄ (@iJustinobinwuru) October 27, 2021 Source:iJustinobinwuru: @0nyekachiii @Iqs96 Modafoka, my fiancee is… Discovered on: […]

AskTheFeels: Can I Ask My Ex-Fiancée For The Engagement Ring Back? Ft. Gina Darling

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