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31 thoughts on “Prettygirlchaz: MY EX IS STALKING ME💔…(I HAD TO MOVE)

  1. Retro grade is when whatever planet it’s in it does the opposite of that ever the planet suppose to to people don’t believe in the shit but I do because I started studying heavy on astrology and birth time and charts and this stuff have not let me wrong what made me do it was I always had the biggest heart and people will just do the Unthinkable to me to me and I had to figure out what was going tf on so I been heavy on the astrology planets what ever people call it I call it knowing myself period but I mean the shit is deep once I got down to it it all made sense of why this and that happen in everybody life and why we all here for different things and purposes

  2. Damn girl, we’re literally in the same boat. Crazy stalking ex, moved from Atlanta all the way to Houston to feel safe. My emotions be all over the place and I’m constantly over playing my part for others. Must be a gemini thing 😩❤️ shit be tough but my faith in God is what always keeps me going.

  3. This exactly why I fw Chaz she always keeps authentic and thoro u gotta stay positive and peep peoples diminor cuz people will say there for u one day then give you a whole different side of them another day chaz gang u kno how we rocking 💯

  4. I really want to see sis at the top because you have grown a lot Chaz and been through a lot BUT stayed grounded. It’s coming and keep your faith on the prize 💕🤑🤞🏾

  5. Never heard about the thong or grapes. I never get into nobodies blogs but for some reason I can never cut yours off. Love u Chaz

  6. It's the same here in Kenya with success other ethnic groups esp. Arabs and Indians they support each other the businesses stay in their family while we stay beefing 😭

  7. Chaz, I haven’t followed you as long as a lot of others and even I can see growth in you. However, we internalize that we aren’t doing enough…. You’re doing enough, you ARE enough and one day this will feel so small because you’re a giant!! 💪🏾 Continue to flourish! 🌹💐💛

  8. Where Can I Book??? I'm in Houston Northeast Side By Downtown…Yessss Lotus The Best Place In Town Baby 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  9. Pretty girl Chaz is sooo Fieeeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥 I love your personality I can tell your very genuine sweet hella funny I'm mutha fucking hollering 😭🤣💜

  10. Happy New Year's my Be-you-ti-ful friend. Please stay safe and watch your going in and coming out. Your single seasoned Disabled friend who has a daughter around your age loves you in Birmingham Alabama. I love your hair you look Marvelous Darling that color is you. I pray God has opened the door hopefully for you and DC to get closer together again the chemistry has always been there and you both are more matured now. I pray for the young man to Let zit Go and Move On with his life. I feel also it wasn't time to have a baby and the attitude of the father tells me if he still not in your life for support and empathy he Never cares about you or the baby. Just keep living and giving these Awesome Peo talks because at 65 you learning me a little something. The you g ladies need your advice and testimony. I believe you and DC may have that beautiful daughter or son later just wait.. You are surrounded by Real Friends and Love ones stay grounded…💜💜💜🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏 Thanks cuz for being there for her.💯💯

  11. First off i love you , i love how you always come give us a lil word of god 🫶🏾 also im happy that your cousin came & stay getting you in a better mood 💯 keep growing 2023 just started & god has so much planned for you keep diving into the creative side of you & ‘ keep a positive mindset! You got this girl !

  12. Yes Thank you for moving me today I get so much No Love because I'm a SAHM taking care of my girls while their dad makes sure everything is good it works for us we live to our standards and females with income don't like me but love my husband so we stay away from ppl with love from a distance…

  13. Chaz, I love your hair 🥰 & giirrrrllll you got me wanting fried fish on my damn diet 😩

    We are in a retrograde until the 13th of this month.. I’ve been feeling the same girl, you are not alone! Basically, mars is moving backwards around earth and it effects everyone differently. It’s a challenging time for many but also a time to reflect on yourself and what is important to you and makes you happy. Surround yourself with genuine people who have your best interest at heart and do not fall back into old toxic patterns. I am praying for you boo; you are strong and truly one of gods favorites. Don’t you forget that!

  14. Miss you baby girl, yea but life definitely be doing it’s thing and it ain’t nothing but the devil that makes us feel like we ain’t where we “should” be but as long as you are keeping your eyes towards the Lord and trying to live right, you are right where you need to be in life, things “will” get better as a matter of fact they are right now , just keep pushing my love. Love you sis❤ love you cuz❤

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