how I found out my ex was cheating #dating  #story

Squidinkidink: how I found out my ex was cheating #dating #story

42 thoughts on “Squidinkidink: how I found out my ex was cheating #dating #story

  1. you have so much more self-control than I do best case scenario I refuse service and explain to my employers exactly why exposing both of them on loudspeaker for the entire restaurant before kicking them both out under threat of restraining order and police filings I would have wanted in the back on the knife and handle business myself can't keep your legs closed let me go to Jack the Ripper route and remove what's in between your legs completely

  2. Bro was like “how do I break it off with this chick? Oh, I know, I’ll just lose in bed naked with another women then block her on all socials and never speak to her again, that sounds sane”

  3. ok but if the other girl went with him to your job and knew that he was having his ex make the pizza, then shes gotta be a whole other level of down bad to wanna be with a guy like that xD

  4. I keep seeing shorts of this woman's stories and she has so many bizarre experiences that idk whether or not I believe her or think she's making it up

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