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Storytime: r/NuclearRevenge THE TIME I GOT MY BOSS ARRESTED! – Reddit Stories

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Reddit rSlash Storytime r nuclearrevenge where For three years, I consistently ruined all my ex’s relationship I took over my boss’s position as the MD

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Story 2 12:21

Source: r/NuclearRevenge THE TIME I GOT MY BOSS ARRESTED! – Reddit Stories

17 thoughts on “Storytime: r/NuclearRevenge THE TIME I GOT MY BOSS ARRESTED! – Reddit Stories

  1. The second story is the biggest bunch of BS I've ever heard! It sounds like a bad 80s movie!

  2. IF the second isn't fake, i'm an eagle. Who would describe events in that way lol, it's not a book

  3. Story 1: Not gotten to the revenge yet … he tried to end things, but she didnt allow him. He tries to do it subtly, nope wont allow him. This isnt cheating, he is trying to get away from a crazy ex.

  4. Guy's POV in story 1
    My crazy ex stalked me and ruined my life. She wouldnt accept when I said it's over, she kept contacting me and pretending we're still together. Then she barged in my house while I had a new girl there, and she's been spreading lies about me ever since.

  5. From the beginning of story 2 I just kept waiting a “and it was all a dream” line

  6. Story 1 that girl is crazy. No mentally healthy person is that fixated on stalking somebody.

  7. Whoever wrote the last story, should not quit their day job, that's the worst fan fic i have ever read

  8. I'm sorry…i get cheating is horrible…

    But resorting to stalking and ruining his relationships by lying that he is dangerous….That's criminal and first person needs help.

    Like telling people he cheated, yeah. But the lengths this person went to…that's not healthy behavior.

  9. OP in the first one sounds like a petty bitter bish who was mad because she got played. The only thing she succeeded at was making herself look pathetic

  10. The last story: I don't think they would listen to someone almost a year later that they had fired for theft.

  11. Maybe I'm not an angry person, but the girl that took all the revenge on her ex. Telling ppl lies about how he's dangerous and stuff. Didn't he just cheat and lie. D*ck move, but it could be slanderous to imply he's dangerous.

  12. Story 2: of all the things that never happened, this didn't happen the most. Literally a "and then everyone clapped"

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