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Reddit rSlash Storytime r prorevenge where So you won’t work because you want to know what happens on GoT? Fine! Sure, you can keep using my spotify I know its petty but I get a thrill from expecting him to come around the corner expecting me to be doing something to get caught for, but i’m just freaking smiling at him drinking water. Don’t road rage your work transport truck I’ll have a Big Mac, small fries and a serving of humiliation thanks! pill thief payback Bucket Woman v the bins (again) and my partner Got my boss the President of the company fired My boss stole my Super Bowl tickets, so I made him lose a major client.

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9 thoughts on “Storytime: r/ProRevenge | MY BOSS STOLE MY SUPERBOWL TICKETS!!! – Reddit Stories

  1. Depending on the council depends on how the bin system works down under. If your misses my reply to a comment below due to youtube tantrums, put nicely…. my bins were red weekly (general waste) yellow fortnightly (recycling). 6 yrs ago est. they added green bin (kitchen/garden waste). They changed the system where u put green out weekly, red and yellow out alternate weeks (it's yellow this week for me). If u want them to collect the red weekly (nappies smell vs changes argument), then they add extra to your council fees.

  2. Story 7 – So if the politician the smirk is like is ScoMo (now out of office), then Bucket Woman is an Aussie situation, which makes me wonder, where in the Great Down Under has only fortnightly rubbish collection? Or is it only the Recycling that is fortnightly? Because my garbage is weekly, but recycling is only fortnightly.

  3. How did higher up think he could get away with taking those tickets? Like people would never talk again?

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