Dissecting Negative Comments on my Dark Souls Boss Ranking

Sunburned Albino: Dissecting Negative Comments on my Dark Souls Boss Ranking

From: Sunburned Albino

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Source: Dissecting Negative Comments on my Dark Souls Boss Ranking

50 thoughts on “Sunburned Albino: Dissecting Negative Comments on my Dark Souls Boss Ranking

  1. I wish i saw this video earlier like these jokes are funny as shit bro. Legitimately this video might be one of the most hilarious things.

  2. Oh my goodness this man’s burns are absolutely legendary. The second comment should just delete their account and throw away their computer

  3. I can't wait to see you on a major standup platform, Netflix, comedy central, etc… If you ever make it to Nebraska please spam it so I see it despite any youtube suppression from self advertisement. Also, why is the main google page way better at correcting my misspellings than their owned properties?

  4. this isnt rly dissecting more like 6 minutes of being butthurt and flinging playground insults . I love your videos , but this is just obnoxious

  5. I like your dark humor cause it's used in a way that's not flat out "insert dark thing here". You actually include a start and punchline.

  6. Consumed IS harder than nameless. By far. Nameless is an absolute piece of piss. You'll only think nameless is hard if you're total shit at ds and hide behind a shield Vs everything.

  7. I love just how absolutely savage you are, and your jokes fucking kill me. I love watching your videos and can’t wait to watch the rest!

  8. Ok, watching this, some of them deserved what you said. Lukemia or however it's spelled isn't something to joke about. You know better, don't be stupid.

  9. Albino is a copy of Dmod an argument so thin you can wear it as a condom it honesty doesn’t matter who came first both appeal to different audiences like top 10 rankings it’s the same thing with different opinions but I wouldn’t expect children to understand that so they gotta hop on the worn out “you’re just a copy” shit and those kinds of people probably hate on sekiro for copying dark souls and have no idea they are both FromSoftware games

  10. You should chill with the clapbacks. Soon, nobody will even try to put a negative comment on your videos and we need them to do so so you can make more of these videos.

  11. The moment before I knew it within my heart that I want to sub to your channel, I realized you sort of sound like voice actor Quenton Flynn; which is pretty sweet.

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