Wayback Wilkos: My Ex Is Stalking Me!

The Steve Wilkos Show: Wayback Wilkos: My Ex Is Stalking Me!

From: The Steve Wilkos Show

Tiffany and Romar were together for 14 years but now Romar hasn’t seen his kids in six years. Tiffany has had enough, but Romar says her new boyfriend Frank is abusive and he wants to see his kids. #SteveWilkos #WilkosNation

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Source: Wayback Wilkos: My Ex Is Stalking Me!

17 thoughts on “The Steve Wilkos Show: Wayback Wilkos: My Ex Is Stalking Me!

  1. Stupid Blacky: I haven't seen my kids in 6 years.
    The Amazing White Steve Wilkos: Get your black ass out of my chair!!!

    This should have been the case immediately!

  2. I know someone like him. Creep af. They don't know when to let go and leave you tf alone.

  3. He needed to quit being stalker-ish and let her go.
    She needs to quit playing games with the kids and let him see his kids.

    Simpin steve acts like it's far fetched that she's playing games about the kids, but it's believable that he's stalking her. Both of them were wrong, both of them needed to change, but steve only holds the man accountable? This is why I hate these waybacks sometimes, he was clearly biased back then.

  4. That guy is playing with her, and it not fair for her and the kids. She is so beautiful and she can get someone better and prettier than him…

  5. She's right. He is obsessed and doesn't actually love her. He wants control over her and her life. It's a blessing he doesn't see the kids and I hope it stays that way. He's a dangerous man

  6. The amount of delusional man that is in these comments, hating on the women when she was the one in fear for her life, because a stalker, what .. I’m happy she got to expose this crazy man

  7. This is why broken families are a disaster most of the times. We first understand the laws are against men and favors women. In most instances the kid's are automatically given to the woman. Which is exactly why most women don't have a problem with disrespecting the man by bringing another man over his offsprings. I can guarantee if the laws favored men and the kid's were automatically given to the father's , most females mindsets would be different. They have the mindset because they understands the laws punishes men , and panders and coddle them. That's why we have a single baby momma epidemic within our communities.

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