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Celtics Twitter is absolutely dumbfounded over Ime Udoka…

Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka found himself in hot water after it was revealed he is facing a possible disciplinary action. However, what sent the Twitter world buzzing is the vague reports surrounding it, with Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN only saying it is because of an “unspecified violation.”

Udoka could reportedly be slapped with a “significant suspension” because of the violation, a noteworthy aspect that had everyone wondering what could he possibly do in the offseason to warrant such heavy punishment.

ESPN Sources: Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka is facing possible disciplinary action – including a significant suspension – for an unspecified violation of organizational guidelines. Discussions are ongoing within the Celtics on a final determination.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) September 22, 2022

Considering that there is not much information on the violation and that the Celtics brass are discussing the possible course of actions to take, some people will definitely assume that he committed a serious offense.

Sure enough, Celtics supporters and NBA fans in general couldn’t help but react to the shocking turn of events.

I’m at a total loss over this Ime Udoka thing. I have no idea what a coach could do in the offseason that would violate team policy to such a degree as to warrant a significant suspension.

— Sam Quinn (@SamQuinnCBS) September 22, 2022

This is the most serious completely vague tweet that I’ve ever seen.

I have no idea if Udoka missed a flight or killed a coworker.

— Brady Klopfer (@BradyKlopferNBA) September 22, 2022

Ime Udoka must’ve done some crazy ass shit for Woj to go out and make a World Star Hip Hop ass template tweet

— Real NBA Quotez  (@realnbaquotxz) September 22, 2022

Some also mocked the Celtics and made light of the situation as details about the issue remain scarce. One Brooklyn Nets fan even proposed for Boston to fire the head coach and have him go back to his old job prior to taking over the Beantown franchise–which is, for those not in the know, an assistant for the Nets.

Celtics fans seeing the Ime Udoka news:

— Brian Y (@byysports) September 22, 2022

Literally all of us trying to figure out what Ime Udoka did

— MeWesley (@weszmarsh) September 22, 2022

Udoka should be fired immediately and forced to take the last role he had in the NBA prior to the Celtics job.

— eLone (@eLonePB) September 22, 2022

All the mockery and confused reactions aside, this situation certainly came at the worst possible time for the Celtics with training camp and the season this close. It could very well be a major distraction for a franchise hoping to get back to the NBA Finals.

Making matters even more grim, the man who guided them might miss a lot of games. Yikes!


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