Famed Mappilapattu singer hangs inside panchayath office;…

MALAPPURAM: Noted Mappilapattu singer and Kondotty Mappilakala Academy former secretary Razak Payambrot committed suicide in the courtyard of the panchayat office in Pulikkal. Razak, a noted cultural face in the village shocked all with his sudden decision to end life at a whim. Meanwhile, connecting the death, Malappuram DCC chief V S Joy took to Facebook to write a tearful adieu to the famed folklore singer of Pulikkal.

“This artist lived his life for the communist party. Even in death, he has written a will to transfer all his property including the house to the party. Yet the communist party failed him miserably. Razak was constantly in a fight against the factory which was running illegally and was the cause behind his brother’s death. He reached the doors of many communist leaders for help but alas, received nothing. Maybe his death is also a protest”

Razak carried piles of files which were complaints he wrote to officials over these years in his solitary attempt to stop the factory from working.

Source:Famed Mappilapattu singer hangs inside panchayath office;…

Discovered on: 2023-05-26 16:46:45

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