Film Twitter Has A Misinformation Problem

Film Twitter Has A Misinformation Problem

The moment a buzzy actor is cast in a new project, Film Twitter slips into a routine: A big but unverified account tweets the news with two side-by-side photos, and the masses respond with quote tweets.

And like in all places on the internet that start with good intentions, misinformation spreads easily.

Film Twitter is of course simply a community of movie lovers on the microblogging platform. Usually the viral posts come from unverified film news accounts such as @FilmUpdates (369,000 followers) or @DiscussingFilm (635,000 followers). The tweets are straightforward — typically an announcement citing a trade publication like Variety or Deadline, although not always with a link — and extremely fast. They always include photos. Industry insiders and celebrities frequently share tweets from these accounts, so the brand names are familiar and trusted.

“More than anyone in the industry right now, they understand what people want to see/hear, and adapt the format to get people to pay attention,” said 25-year-old Ray, who frequently retweets and quote-tweets @FilmUpdates from his account, @guysitsray. Ray, who asked for his last name not to be published to protect his privacy, said the film news account’s brevity is a “breath of fresh air.”

But the simplicity is also what makes @FilmUpdates and @DiscussingFilm so easy to parody. Any user can change their profile photo and display name for a moment to replicate these accounts and post outrageous film news misinformation that triggers thousands of hot takes — and they do.

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