The group has 40,000 members.

Moderator of UES Mommas Facebook bars foster mom

The gatekeeping head of the popular UES Mommas Facebook group barred a foster mother from joining the forum unless she could show proof she actually cared for kids.

“For foster parents we do need to see that its long term placement and documentation,” moderator Tiffany Ma wrote to the woman this month, according to the exchange viewed by The Post. Ma added that “it’s a mother’s group and there is absolutely nothing identifiable on your profile that you are a mother.”

But the woman, a new foster mom who is caring for twins, responded to Ma that she couldn’t share the names or photos of the foster children or any case status information. She said she had hoped to benefit from parenting tips shared in the forum, which has 40,000 members.

Ma was unmoved, writing that she asked for evidence “for every single person” and then pointed to a New York Post article about her strict entry policy — including requiring sonograms from pregnant women — as proof of her stringent requirements.

The group has 40,000 members.Getty Images/Westend61

“You can fantasize about discrimination but its not true … you will now be blocked,” Ma declared.

The foster mom, who request anonymity, told The Post that she thought Ma’s conduct was “pretty outrageous.”

“She wants absolute power and control,” she said.

The anonymous foster mom called Ma's conduct 'pretty outrageous.'The anonymous foster mom called Ma’s conduct ‘pretty outrageous.’Getty Images

A spokeswoman for the city’s Administration for Children said case specific information on whether someone is in foster care is confidential by state law.

Ma, who is a lawyer, declined to comment.

Source:Moderator of UES Mommas Facebook bars foster mom

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