Penn State basketball urged to pay Micah Shrrewsberry on...

Penn State basketball urged to pay Micah Shrrewsberry on…

Penn State’s men’s basketball season came to an end with a loss to Texas in the Round of 32 in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Almost immediately after the game, the focus shifted on what comes next for Penn State. With head coach Micah Shressberry a popular name in the coaching search rumor mill already, Penn State fans flooded Twitter to make it known they hope the Nittany Lions do what is necessary for Shrewsberry to remain in Happy Valley.

The calls for Shrewsberry to get a new contract are not unjustified. Shrewsberry mastered the transfer portal to help turn around a program stuck toward the bottom of the Big Ten and took them to the Big Ten tournament championship game and the second round of just the fourth NCAA tournament appearance since joining the Big Ten. His stock has grown exponentially as a result, and Penn State is now in a role where it needs to decide if the time is right to invest more seriously in the long-term future of its men’s basketball program, which appears to be in good hands with Shrewsberry at the helm, or if it will allow their head coach to explore other opportunities with programs with a richer basketball pedigree or history.

But judging by a good sample of opinions shared on Twitter, which is always a risky venture, it seems the calls to keep Shrewsberry at Penn State are plentiful. Here is a look at some of the calls for Penn State to pay Shrewsberry soon before someone else gets the chance.

Penn State falls to Texas by 5. What a season. Thank you to this team. Pay Micah Shrewsberry.

— Dear Old State (@_DearOldState) March 19, 2023

A season like the one Penn State just had was a cause for reflection and celebration. The season may not have ended the way Penn State wanted it to, but there was a lot to be proud of thanks to the efforts led by the head coach.

Micah Shrewsberry. Pay the man.

— Dick Weiss (@HoopsWeiss) March 19, 2023

Dick Weiss has been around the sport of college basketball about as long as anyone, and his knowledge on the sport is nearly unrivaled. So when he sees a good thing happening for a program that has not experienced such things regularly, he knows what must be done. If Weiss says pay the man, then Penn State should pay the man.

In his first year with PSU, Micah Shrewsberry went 14-17, 7-13 in the Big Ten, and had the conference’s worst rated offense

This year? A 23-13 record, the third most efficient offense in the Big Ten, a BTT championship game, and a NCAA round of 32 appearance

— ˢᵉᵒᵘˡʲᵃᵃ (@Seouljaa) March 19, 2023

It was a masterful turnaround for a basketball program not used to this sort of thing. Shrewsberry had a rough first season at Penn State but he took the time to implement his style of gameplay and the results paid off in year two. What could possibly happen in year three? We’re hoping to find out.

What an incredible season for Penn State. Disappointing that it’s over and that Jalen Pickett has played his last game with the Nittany Lions. Time for Penn State to do everything in their power to make sure Micah Shrewsberry stays #NittanyNation

— Ryan Risky (@rriskyyy) March 19, 2023

One of the key additions to the program came in the form of Jalen Pickett. Considered one of the best transfer players a year ago, Shrewsberry hit a home run with one of his first major roster acquisitions. All Pickett did was turn an All-American caliber season in leading Penn State to the Big Ten championship game and second round of the NCAA tournament. And it’s because he wanted to play for Shrewsberry.

Penn State offseason priorities:
2. Get Seth Lundy to come back for 1 last season
3. Transfer portal: 2 guards and a big man would be ideal.
4. Schedule some real out of conference opponents.

— . (@NationPsu) March 19, 2023

It should go without saying that the first order of business this offseason is to work out a deal with Micah Shrewsberry. If he does leave, then the search for a new head coach replaces this at the top of the list, but maybe it doesn’t have to come to that. Make Shrewsberry happy and let him get back to work with more confidence and more recruiting confidence.

chris collins and micah shrewsberry are two coaches that the big10 really needs to keep around. the conference has turned into a gauntlet.

— ben madden (@_puresharp_) March 19, 2023

Shrewsberry and Northwestern’s Chris Collins have helped reshape their respective programs, and as a result, have helped boost the depth of the Big Ten. It would be a shame of neither coach stayed in place moving forward.

Pay Micah Shrewsberry.

It’s now in our hands.

You can give him a blank check, or you can do absolutely nothing.

If you do the latter, you essentially tell the world and our fanbase that we don’t care about basketball. And if that’s the case? We’ll never be good again.

— nick (@DrewAllarSZN) March 19, 2023

Nobody will ever argue that Penn State is a basketball school, but it does have an extremely loyal following that is starving for signs of a major commitment to the future sustained success of the program. Now is that time for Penn State to do right by Shrewsberry and the men’s basketball program.

If JAMES FRANKLIN got $7.5 per for 10, there’s zero reason Micah Shrewsberry shouldn’t get the bag

— Jon Conahan (@JonConahan) March 19, 2023

Penn State has shown it is not afraid to pay top coaches top dollar. James Franklin’s recent 10-year contract extension is proof of that, and a commitment to the wrestling program with one of the top coaches in the sport, Cael Sanderson, continues to pay off. We’re not suggesting Shrewsberry is going to transform Penn State into a perennial Final Four contender if Penn State makes the investment, but it will be fun not having to wait another decade before the next NCAA Tournament game is played, right?

Penn State please make Micah Shrewsberry one rich man.

— Andrew (@Andrew200322) March 19, 2023

We don’t have to go too in-depth here. Micah Shrewsberry’s contract details are hidden from the masses, but it might be safe to assume the first-time head coach is probably not ranked among the top half of Big Ten coaching salaries. It’s time to change that for Penn State, whatever the number may be.

What an adrenaline rush. Sucks that it’s over but I can’t believe we made it that far! Can’t wait for next season pay Micah Shrewsberry.

— Heather Ashley (@Nittanyqueen) March 19, 2023

This is a critical moment for Penn State basketball. The recent run in the Big Ten tournament and return to the NCAA tournament has fans as excited about the future of the program as they have been in a long time. It would be an absolute shame to see Penn State balk at this opportunity to keep what is potentially a good thing going.

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