Twitter reacts to UNC missing March Madness

Twitter reacts to UNC missing March Madness

Sunday was a tough day for the UNC basketball program as their fate became official. The selection committee did not include the Tar Heels in the field of 68 as many expected leading into the day.

But it was made official on Sunday night as the Tar Heels were the third team out of the field when it was all said and done.

Following a loss on Thursday to Virginia, it all but ended UNC’s chances as they really needed another quad 1 win to add to the resume. Now, they are on the wrong side of history officially going from preseason No. 1 to missing the NCAA Tournament becoming the first team to do that since the tournament expanded to 64 teams.

UNC’s season of promise derailed into disappointment after numerous chances at a turnaround. However, despite the lackluster finish, North Carolina still has a shot at making things right if they accept the N.I.T. bid.

After it was confirmed that UNC would not be a part of March Madness, fans took to Twitter to let their feelings out about not dancing.

Let’s look at how Twitter responded to no March Madness.

You’ll have a hard time convincing me that Nevada is a better basketball team than UNC. Nonetheless we should’ve won the games we had the chances to win.

— Josh Marlow (@HTB_Josh) March 12, 2023

That will do it no UNC. Best thing that could have happened to UNC and the players.. have to make changes and this will force players to be held accountable.

— Javaris Flowers (@jflo_11) March 12, 2023

Nothing else to say here, folks. #UNC just didn’t do enough this season. I just hope Hubert and Bubba show some mercy on this team if they don’t want to do the NIT.

— Brandon Anderson (@THBBrandon) March 12, 2023

@UNC_Basketball Accept the NIT bid. It’s a chance to get better for the younger players and still win a championship. So it’s not a national title, it’s still a goal. Don’t be spoiled sports.

— Jeremy Ray (@champsx3) March 12, 2023

I don’t like to throw around the “We’re UNC” card. But we are THE NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS. A polarizing pillar of college basketball. Does the NCAA not like ratings?

Sure, they underachieved this year, but they are a Top 68 team in the country. They should be in the dance.

— La Comandante ErK 🟥⬜️🟨⬜️🟥 (@InMyEpinion) March 12, 2023

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