Indian Govt at Karnataka HC

In its ongoing standoff with Twitter at the Karnataka High Court, the Indian government once again argued that the microblogging platform is not entitled to free speech protections as it is a foreign body corporate, reported LiveLaw. Twitter isn’t entitled to relief in the case, argued Additional Solicitor General R. Sankarnarayanan appearing for the government yesterday. Last […]

Tesla Turns Twitter Into $44 Billion Communications…

Before Elon Musk was cutting deep at Twitter, inspiring legions of Silicon Valley bosses to take more unsparing approaches to running their companies, the chief executive officer of Tesla swung the axe on the car company’s small public relations team. It was late 2019, and Tesla had just steered through a rough patch of production hell, executive departures and self-inflicted crises. […]

How the World Changed Twitter, in 25 Tweets

Theodora (Theo) Skeadas recently left her role at Twitter, where she managed the Trust and Safety Council, managed a research hub within the Public Policy team, supported the Twitter Moderation Research Consortium, and managed a trusted partners program. She is a member of the Integrity Institute. On Tuesday, February 21, my time as a Twitter employee on the Public Policy team officially […]