@CoolObserver69: @justin_fenton What disgraces & denigrates…

What disgraces & denigrates the black race is their culture of resentment, disrespect, irresponsibility, entitlement, scofflaws, cheaters, shoplifters and most of all, VIOLENT CRIMINALITY! It’s black BEHAVIOR & ATTITUDE that keep all black people inferior & confronted by police. — Edward (@CoolObserver69) January 29, 2023 Source:@CoolObserver69: @justin_fenton What disgraces & denigrates… Discovered on: 2023-01-29 17:16:20

Beware of these scammers called

Beware of these scammers called Mzansi Auto Trading, they will tell you that they specialise in supplying individuals and corporate with vast types of moto spares. They have a corporate website and email address: www.mzansiautospares.com Email: spares@mzansiautospares.com These guys usually advertise on Gumtree za. They have a Business WhatsApp number which looks very professional as […]

Drama Story: #4 // My Boss Next Door(हिंदी में)// President Neighborhood love me crazily// Boss employ love story

From: Drama Story Hello dosto, Today I am explain a Chinese drama ” My Boss Next Door ” part 3.Boss employ love story. if you like my explanation so please like, share and comment and don’t forget to subscribe my channel ” Drama Story”. Cast :- Lin Qing , Deng Shi Yun , Xiang Tai […]

Julia ⁉️: – 🪓 ” I might kill my ex “,, ft. @lulu-3730 + not og || glm

From: Julia ⁉️ ._.🎀._.☁️._.⚡️ heyoo welcome to my desc !! ._.🍬._.💓._.🧋 lil note: @star…1494 pls don’t change my oc ill let u finish ur vid ! ft. @lulu-3730 ib: @Angel-108 og: idk lol ._.🍫._.🌺._.🍩 have a good day/night !! 💓💪 Source: – 🪓 ” I might kill my ex “,, ft. @lulu-3730 + not og […]