Removal Options currently offers two removal options for all posts.

1. PayDelete

If you see this button below the title of an item you want removed then you should be able to remove it instantly with one small payment:

NOTE: Social Chatter Watch is one of the first websites that PayDelete has ever been used on. We have tested it extensively in our development environment, but there could be unexpected compatibility issues with the live server. Our biggest concern is communication problems between our webhook and the payment processor. That could cause customers to become confused and frustrated by a lag between when the payment is processed and when their system informs our system. If anyone experiences a delay of more than 10 minutes please Contact Us.

2. Bulk Jobs

Social Chatter Watch is a search engine and web archive that aggregates content from a variety of sources. Some people curse online so much that they might find a lot of items about themselves on here. In such cases we are willing to offer bulk discounts time permitting. In such cases we typically require that someone whose been caught cursing many times by our bot to purchase a small number of removals after which we manually remove the rest. These jobs require that you communicate your needs with us before hand to make sure we have time to work with you. We are generous with our bulk discounts. If you have less than 10 items about yourself we will usually only require you to purchase 1 removal. If you have between 10 and 20 we will do that for the price of 2. Anything above 20-50 for the price of 3. Anything above 50 will be done for at least the price of 4 and possibly more if there is an outrageous number.

If you are only trying to remove a lot of content from Social Chatter Watch then you might want to contact us directly for a quote.

How to Avoid Seeing Yourself on This Site

It is really easy to avoid seeing your comments picked up by the Social Chatter Watch bot. Just don’t say anything containing any of the words or phrases we look for. You especially should not include any of them in your screen name because that has been known to cause anything posted under those accounts to be picked up.